Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A sense of security...

Often wonder how effective the anti-virus, anti-phishing, anti-malware tools really are. It is nothing short of blind faith that I have in the particular (Norton) products that I have.

Might as well switch completely to a Linux only environment. Too reluctant to get out, as things mostly "just works" on Windows XP, and more importantly about one tenth of the cost of the laptop was for the OEM version of Windows XP.

Have both Norton Internet Security 2009, and Norton Systemworks installed. I was able to register one of the products, while the other just refused to do so citing lack of connection to the internet.

Another quirk. If the Windows firewall is disabled, following the advice from one of the products, the other complains rather loudly about it, and will flash till both the firewalls are enabled, and slowing down my rather old laptop. A (false) sense of security, twice over. Wonderful integration, indeed.

The online account needed for the product registration allows only letters and numerals in the password. That really is something to be appreciated, coming from a company peddling computer security tools.